Dear all.

Tired? Overworked? Fancy having a break in a comfy armchair with a cup of tea looking at the pictures that will appease your soul, entertain or just strike a chord? I invite you to my brand new blog where I will share everything that I experience.

So, let me begin!!

Spring came early this year, first snowdrops and daffodils started to blossom,  and before long everything around was blooming. My photographer eye works in such a way that I sense the world by colours and when I see awakening nature I literally get restless and must shoot. This year I have had shoots in daffodils, under pink trees and in bluebells…. This time the focus was dandelions… I found this meadow by accident, when walking my dog. I knew right away that I have to get back to this place. I got back there with an incredible little lady who absolutely amazed me. We were laughing so loud that the passers-by could not help turning around to see us. Here is what we’ve come up with 🙂