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Some may say that it is easy to do child and family photography… Yes, indeed. If you only want to see a smile it is quite simple to capture it. However if you want to see real happiness, surprise, sorrow, sadness, thoughtfulness and that something that intrigues when you are not able to take your eyes off, then you realise that it is not that simple. That is why I love my daily discoveries of hearts, meeting parents and witnessing their emotions. These unforgettable impressions drive me to create.

I fell in love with photography thanks to my daughters, they taught me to look and see what others do not readily see. It was a great eye-opener for me. Since then I have been watching for beautiful people in the street, a hanging branch of an ordinary tree has become a frame for my pictures, and wind something very desirable that would blow hair so that I can take an amazing picture…

I have been passionate about photography for 11 years and I have been taking pictures for my dear clients for 7 years. I have been living in Oxfordshire for 3 years – thanks to this beautiful place I can have natural family outdoor sessions. I shoot portraits and child sessions in tiny charming English villages and towns. I utilise every boon that Cotswold region provides. If you would like to start collecting memories by means of photographs and the way I see the world appeals to you –please get in touch with me.

Milena Michno

email: mistychild79@gmail.com
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