Newborn Session

WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT? Tiny hands, delicate feet and sweet cheeks … the baby is with you and you cannot believe that it is yours and will always be with you. This is an amazing feelingand I myself reminisce about that time with excitement. You think that this sweet baby will always remain that small …. however it is not the case, the small one grows, days pass by and out of a sudden you realise that the new-born has turned into tot.
Hence if you want to keep in memory the first moments of her/his life, positions that it used to take while in tummy, grimaces, sweet tiny round shapes, first hair, if you want to present this small miracle to your family and the world in an exceptional way then a newborn photoshoot is a perfect solution. Timeless photos may begin a never-ending period of documenting you family life. And even if you did not take that step with your first baby it is never too late to start building your family album. In this way we create memories and family history.  

On having the scan in week 20 or one month before the child’s birth at the latest get in touch with me and let me know the planned term for the delivery. It will let to plan the session time, however do not worry if deliver in a different term, we will adjust the session term accordingly. It is very important that you contact me once the baby is with you. It will let us plan the best term for the session.

WHEN THE SESSION TAKES PLACE? Three first weeks of the baby’s life is the most suitable time for newborn session. The baby remembers positions in mummy’s tummy and feels comfortable, these are the positions that I use during the shoot. During first weeks of his/her life the small one sleeps very deeply and is very calm. The session usually lasts about 3 hours, however it is important to remember that this is an exceptional day for the baby and the session is adjusted to the small ones cycles of sleep, hence if necessary the session may last slightly longer.

WHAT TO EXPECT? Newborn photoshoots take place in my home studio in Carterton (Brize Norton Oxfordshire UK). Reserve more time for the session as it may last slightly over 3 hours. On the photoshoot day the studio is heated to the temperature in which the small one will feel comfortable and can be photographed without few pieces of clothes on. Remember to take light clothes for yourselves as it can be quite warm in the studio. The studio is equipped with necessary props, clothes and other things needed for the small model. Before the shoot you can let me know about your favourite colours or colours suitable for your home so that I can adjust clothes, props, background and setting accordingly.

WHAT IS NEEDED FOR THE SHOOT? For the session please bring two baby blankets, dummy, nappies, wet wipes and is the baby is not breastfed – milk in a baby bottle. Please remember that on the session day the baby will eat more than usual so if fed with a bottle please have some spare baby milk.
Family pictures are very important. In a couple of years’ time your baby will be very curious to see the pictures. Clothes are very important, as the focus needs to go on faces rather than on clothes, they should be of light or dark colours, please avoid patterns, logos, drawings, cartoon characters etc. When choosing clothes, make sure that the outfits of all the family members match well together. Because accidents happen, please have some spare clothes with you.
For siblings light colours are the best (white always works perfect), once again please avoid any patterns, logos etc. nothing on the picture can divert attention from the smallest star of the day.    

PICTURES WITH SIBLINGS. Pictures with siblings show their future bond, hence they are priceless. It does not matter how old is the brother or sister. Do not worry about that, even very small kids are able to pose with their baby sister/brother. I will be able to adjust the best and safest possible position for kids in any age, I have been trained to do that and have a great experience at this. It is very important however to bring the sibling/s just for the moment when the pictures are taken thanks to this the kids are not bored and parents feel more comfortable.

WHAT CLOTHES BRING FOR THE BABY? If you have clothes that are very important for you as they are for instance keepsakes, by all means bring them to the session. However please bear in mind that toddlers look the best without clothes just wrapped in delicate blankets, or wearing special newborn photo clothes and tiny photo props that I have in the studio specially prepared for the baby.   

IS IT OK TO DRESS MY BABY IN CLOTHES THAT WERE WORN BY OTHER BABY? All the things used by another baby are thoroughly washed and disinfected. After each session the blankets, clothes and props touched by a baby are immediately washed using special for that purpose detergents. The floor is also disinfected before every shoot. When working with small ones hygiene is very important and is on the highest level.

IS IT NECESSARY FOR BOTH OF PARENTS TO BE PRESENT DURING THE SESSION? Pictures with parents and separately with each parent is a very important part of the shoot. In the future they will be priceless for the baby and you. Taking these pictures you give your child an exceptional gift. That time with you that the baby cannot remember and there are no words by means of which you could express your love and feelings that you were giving to the baby after birth. That is why these photos are timeless. Both parents should be present during the session when collective picture are taken, it usually happens at the beginning of the shoot or at the very end.

(Baby rash, pimples, scratches, etc.) Most babies have imperfect skin, do not be concerned about it as all imperfections will be removed during picture editing process. Parents will also be slightly retouched and if needed also siblings.

CAN OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS JOIN FOR THE SESSION? Because of limited space and emphasis on baby’s comfort during the shoot there should be only parents. During that day baby and his/her cosiness are most important, every additional person may have an undesirable effect on peace and quiet. If you want your baby to have a picture with granny, auntie or another important person for the family please let me know once the session has been booked and I will plan the shoot accordingly.

AFTER THE SESSION: Once the shoot has finished we meet in 4 weeks’ time for the so called viewing appointment during which you will be able to see the gallery of edited for you pictures. During the appointment you will be able to decide how many pictures you want to select and which packet will be most suitable for you. You will also be able to decide which wall arts, albums or other available products you want to order. You do not need to commit to anything beforehand the only requirement is to select at least small packet.


£50 deposit is a part of the whole package payment. If the session is cancelled it the deposit will not be refunded.

You will be able to choose a package and products during the viewing appointment. Viewing appointment will be scheduled about 4 weeks after the session. Gallery will include minimum of 20 images.

MINI PACKAGE £180 (includes £50 deposit):
5 fully edited high resolution digital images delivered via email
up to 4 set ups
baby photos only (not family and siblings pictures)
each extra photo £30

BASIC PACKAGE £260 (includes £50 deposit):
10 fully edited high resolution digital images on USB,
10 exclusive 6″x8″ prints (same as digitals)
this package can include family or siblings pictures
each extra photo £30

PREMIUM PACKAGE £390 (includes £50 deposit):
whole fully edited gallery of digital images on USB (20+images);
20 x 6″x8″ exclusive prints,
2 x A4 foamboard prints or 3 x A4 exclusive prints,
exclusive 30×20” canvas,
presentation movie created from session images.
this package can include family or siblings pictures
each extra photo £25