Maternity Session

Pregnancy is the time of changes for every woman. It is not only the body that changes but also she herself becomes mummy the moment she has realised that she is expecting a baby. Maternity photoshoots are exceptional to me, they are magical and give me great portions of positive energy. Pregnancy is like a journey and each one is different, you never know how many times you will experience that beautiful state so it is very important to capture it in the most beautiful and natural way.

WHEN SHOULD I BOOK MATERNITY SESSION? The sooner the better so that you have certainty regarding the reserved term. The safe period is once you have finished first trimester of the pregnancy however the latest term is two months before planned delivery.
Maternity shoots should be planned for 32nd week of pregnancy. I have beautiful dresses for this purpose in the studio or we can agree upon the clothes together.

The shoot usually takes place either in the studio or outdoors and lasts from 1 to 2 hours. I always photograph mummy, mummy with partner and kids (if you have any), and the whole family (mummy, daddy and the kids).

Many women believe they do not look favourably while pregnant. They claim they are chunky, that the skin is not as beautiful as it used to be and that they have stretch marks. These are quite common beliefs however not objective. Every woman when pregnant, no matter what size she wears positively glows and it depends on the photographer if they can capture it on pictures.
I always do my outmost so that the mummy feels feminine and beautiful during the session. During the years of experience and training I have learnt techniques by means of which I can beautifully capture every person. Do not be concerned, during editing I will make sure that even skin looks as it should.
Every mummy deserves precious memories of this exceptional period and every child deserves to get to know the beginning of their existence and moments spent in their mummy’s tummy. It is important to have answers to children’s questions which you will hear in a couple of years’: “mummy, how was it when I was in you tummy?”

po ok. 4 tygodniach od wykonania sesji planowane jest spotkanie z rodzicami (viewing appointment) podczas którego możecie obejrzeć galerie obrobionych dla was zdjęć. W tym momencie możecie wybrać ile zdjęć chcecie zakupić i dopasować do siebie najwłaściwszy pakiet. Decydujecie, jakie wall arts, albumy i inne dostępne produkty chcielibyście zamówić. Nie musicie sie zobowiazywać wcześniej. Jedynym wymaganiem jest, byście zakupili minimum najmniejszy pakiet.


£50 deposit is a part of the whole package payment. If the session is cancelled it the deposit will not be refunded.

You will be able to choose a package and products during the viewing appointment. Viewing appointment will be scheduled about 4 weeks after the session. Gallery will include minimum of 20 images.

MINI PACKAGE £180 (includes £50 deposit):
5 fully edited high resolution digital images delivered via email
each extra photo £30

BASIC PACKAGE £260 (includes £50 deposit):
10 fully edited high resolution digital images on USB,
10 exclusive 6×8 prints (same as digitals)

PREMIUM PACKAGE £390 (includes £50 deposit):
whole fully edited gallery of digital images on USB (20+images)
15 x 6×8 exclusive prints;
2 x A4 foamboard prints or 3 x A4 exclusive prints,
exclusive 30×20” canvas,
presentation movie created from session images.