Family Session

To love means to be able to find preciousness in every moment in life and tell the story step by step, picture by picture. Out of love a beautiful story emerges and the story is about your family. Calmly and naturally with burst of laughter, thousands of tickles and million of feelings, in this way the most amazing pictures are captured. Put together they create the truest story of your family.  

That’s great!!! It is very good news for me. Caring about the child’s comfort I always choose a place suitable for them, the place where they will be able to run and give vent to their emotions. In this way most beautiful pictures are created.

WHAT TO WEAR FOR THE FAMILY SESSION? Clothes during the session is one of the key conditions for good photos. When talking to families before the session I always joke that they need to look like from the cover of a magazine. Partially it is true however it is very important to bear in mind a couple of rules related to matching and selecting clothes so that you feel very comfortable but at the same time exceptional beautiful.

  • avoid strong neon colours, clothes with prints, cartoon characters, patterns, stripes, checked clothes, visible logo (no logo is the best).
  • sets of clothes need to be selected so that members of the family match one another as far as colours are concerned (colours need to repeat or be combined tonally)
  • do not match more than 3 suitable colours
  • the following colours always look great:  whites, greys, beige, ecru, pastels, earth colours, autumn colours (green, mustard, burgundy, pomegranate)
  • the following looks well in pictures: airy skirts / dresses, flowery patterns, lace, cotton, linen, wool, jeans
  • for boys and men the following is good: shirts, linen trousers or jeans, sweaters or blazers
  • hats, scarves, ankle-high boots, bare feet in summer favourably look in pictures

Clothes for photo shoots is my passion, so I am always happy to help you to choose best cloth sets. Please do not hesitate to speak to me regarding clothes, it is quite common for me to spend a considerable amount of time before the session with families helping to choose beautiful clothes from your wardrobe so that you feel exceptional during the shoot.
Below are a couple of inspirations: ………………………. Photos from the internet


£50 deposit is a part of the whole package payment. If the session is cancelled it the deposit will not be refunded.

You will be able to choose a package and products during the viewing appointment. Viewing appointment will be scheduled about 4 weeks after the session. Gallery will include minimum of 20 images.

MINI PACKAGE £170 (includes £50 deposit):
5 fully edited digital high resolution images via email

BASIC PACKAGE £250 (includes £50 deposit):
10 fully edited high resolution digital images on USB,
10 exclusive 6×8 prints (same as digitals)

PREMIUM PACKAGE £390 (includes £50 deposit):
whole fully edited gallery of digital images on USB (20+images)
15 x 6×8 exclusive prints;
2 x A4 foamboard prints or 3 x A4 exclusive prints,
exclusive 30×20” canvas,
presentation movie created from session images.