Cake Smash & Splash

Children grow too fast!! That is why session Cake smash & Splash is a great way to celebrate first birthday. Kids are kids so let them get dirty and enjoy the session. My role is to capture these merry moments in a beautiful timeless style.

Cake smash session lasts from 1 to 2 hours in my studio or outdoors. We agree on clothes for the shoot beforehand.
The session consists from the following:

  • I take a couple of pictures without cake, while the child is still clean (also pictures with parents and siblings).
  • Cake Smash, during this part everything is possible and allowed.
  • Splash – warm bath with bubbles or in water coloured with milk in a vintage bath.

WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU? Clothes are the most important. We agree upon the clothes for the session (colours, style) beforehand by phone or via email. Parents need to wear something elegant in solid, bright colours.
If you have important objects for the baby like keepsakes (e.g. a handmade blanked from granny) which you would like to capture in a picture etc. do not hesitate to bring them. It is also important not to forget about a spear set of clothes for the child for shots with family and siblings.

SNACKS. It is highly recommended to bring what the baby likes to eat the most: cookies, crackers etc. Do not forget about drink for the child and avoid chocolate as it dirties clothes and face.

MY CHILD HAS FOOD ALLERGIES. It is extremely important that you inform me about all the food allergies once the session has been booked. Luckily allergies are not in any way an obstacle for a one birthday session. The backer’s that provides the cakes for the session specialises in different ingredients for dough and cream so that needs of every child with allergy can be met. 

SHOULD I BRING PROPS? You should not worry about that. I will assure all the necessary props, decorations and tort-sponge cake with cream.

SHOULD BOTH PARENTS ATTEND THE SESSION? I believe it is very important that both parents attend the session so that I can take a picture of the child with parents and then with each parent separately. Remember, we are creating beautiful and timeless memories for the baby.

SHOULD SIBLINGS ATTEND THE SESSION? Absolutely yes! Siblings are an important and inseparable part of the family, it is priceless to have a picture of the whole family and siblings separately. When it comes to younger children I will advise the best time for them to join the shoot as for older kids they can participate in the whole session remember however to take a book for them, a tablet or a phone.  

CAN OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS COME ALONG TO OBSERVE THE SESSION? Because the studio has limited space only close family should be present during the session: parents and older siblings, younger siblings should only join at the moment of shooting the collective photos. If you would like to invite granny, auntie or the childminder please let me know before the session.  

Once the shoot has finished we meet in 4 weeks’ time for the so called viewing appointment during which you will be able to see the gallery of edited for you pictures. During the appointment you will be able to decide how many pictures you want to select and which packet will be most suitable for you. You will also be able to decide which wall arts, albums or other available products you want to order. You do not need to commit to anything beforehand the only requirement is to select at least small packet.


£50 deposit is a part of the whole package payment. If the session is cancelled it the deposit will not be refunded.

You will be able to choose a package and products during the viewing appointment. Viewing appointment will be scheduled about 4 weeks after the session. Gallery will include minimum of 20 images.

MINI PACKAGE £ 190 (includes £50 deposit)
5 high resolution fully edited photos delivered via email
baby photos only (no family or siblings photos)
each extra photo £30

BASIC PACKAGE £260 (includes £50 deposit):
10 high resolution fully edited photos on usb
10 6×8 exclusive prints (same as digitals)
this package can include family or siblings pictures
each extra photo £30

PREMIUM PACKAGE £390 (includes £50 deposit):
whole fully edited gallery of digital images on USB (20+images),
15 x 6×8 exclusive prints (same as digitals),
2 x A4 foamboard prints or 3 x A4 exclusive prints,
exclusive 30×20” canvas,
presentation movie created from session images.